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Building Lifetime Relationships Through Coaching and Education-Based Marketing


Education-Based Marketing

Designed To Be Passionately Simple!

Project Jobectomy

Learn to Think Like an Entrepreneur, rather than an Employee.


Learn the 5 “MUST DO’S” before quitting your day job.

Know when it is time to take that “Leap of Faith”!


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The Entrepreneur Quiz

Find out what the common characteristics that make Entrepreneurs THRIVE and compare to where you are in life.

Now that you know where you are are and where you want to go… MAP out a plan of action.

Being an Entrepreneur is a matter of skills that either you have now at the moment OR… you need to acquire.

As an Entrepreneur, you KNOW… the choice is yours!

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What’s The Word?

What People Are Saying…

Ernie is a true leader and well respected in the Direct Sales industry.  He does a phenomenal job with our corporate calls as well as webinars.

Rick Wall

Rick Wall
SPX Nutrition

My man Ernie is on fire!  Of all the people that I have shared the stage with… Ernie keeps the audience engaged with humor, story and excitement.  The energy in the room is off the charts!

Todd Falcone

Todd Falcone
The Fearless Networker

The Entrepreneur’s Life Coach

Leading With A Servants Heart!

JB Meyer

Marketing Consultant, Author and Life Coach


Ernie Pinard

Marketing Director, Author and Life Coach


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